A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You play as a ninja who has been hired by a Game Dev company to take out their competitors! 

  • You get one life to reach the end,
  • You get one weapon, and you only get one Shuriken.

Code and design done by: https://magiccoding.itch.io/ ( Also found here: https://www.youtube.com/magiccoding )

Visuals/Art done by: https://vintage-japes.itch.io/

Music/sounds done by:  https://themooseman.net/

Install instructions

You download the zip, extract the files, and run the "Game Maker Tool kit.exe" (Thats the game) 

when you beat the game it takes you to the credits, there isn't a way to go back into the main menu, but alt+f4 is your friend. 


One Way Ninja.zip 29 MB


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AWESOME! Loved it gameplay was really fun and unique! I would love to see like a weird story of what the Ninja is up to or something. But really great work! Keep jamming! 

I'm glad you like it! Thanks!